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    Lapar Successfully Applying to FAW - Volkswagen

    It is about FAW - Volkswagen of Foshan Project Phase II.The total investment is about 15.3 billion yuan and the construction period is 36 months. It will be capable of pruducing 300,000 cars and new-energy cars of Volkswagen and Aodi brand after co...

    Successfully Applying to Shanxi Tianji Coal Chemical Group

    Our client,Shanxi Tianji Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd, is the first large mordern enterprise using coal as its raw material to produce high-performance compound fertilizer.It has become a large coal chemical industry group after 30 years’of develo...

    Successfully Applying to Mount Tai Iron and Steel Group

    Mount Tai Iron and Steel Group in Shandong province is a large group with its dominant business-Ferrous Metallurgy.This group consists of 10 plants and 16 branches with a total of more than 10,000 employees.It can produce 1 million tons of stainless...

    Lapar Successfully Applying to Urumqi Petrochemical Company

    Urumqi Petrochemical Company is located in northeastern Urumqi with an area of 18 square kilometers,founded in 1975.China Petroleum conducted a strategic reorganization in August,1999. Followings are pictures of production application...

    Lapar Successfully Applying to Oxygen Separation System

    Ocean Chemical Science Research Institute in Shandong province is the only province institute for ocean chemical research and development. Its main directions are marine chemical products, homogeneous ion-exchange membrane and its application, salt...

    Lapar Successfully Applying to COFCO Group (Qinhuangdao)

    COFCO group is one of the world's top 500 enterprises and Chinese leading supplier of agricultural products, diversified products in food filed and service.It contributes to social prosperity and stability through providing healthy and nutritious fo...

    Successfully Applying to Hubei Jiabao Sugar Industry Compan

    Our client,Hubei Jiabao Sugar Industry Co., Ltd ,is an comprehensive food production enterprise using rice and corn as its raw materials to produce high maltose syrup, fructose syrup products and edible corn starch.It is put into operation in Septe...

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