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    LP-LS10 Limit Switch

    LS series of limit switches are designed to provide the most economical solution for in-situ display and remote control of rotary valves and actuators. They comes with the NAMUR standard mounting bracket and there is no need to specially installate s...

    YTC Accessories

    YTC is a professional manufacturer of electro-pneumatic valve positioners, pneumatic-pneumatic valve positioners, intelligent valve positioners, air filter pressure reducing valves, valve position transmitters, pneumatic amplifiers, pneumatic reservi...

    Germany ABB Positioner

    The introduction of the ABB valve positioner provides the advanced product for digital communication of actuators and the integrated management . TZID / TZID-C is different from the traditional positioner, which adopts TEIP11 as the core components...

    LP-SIEMENS Siemens Positioner

    SIPART PS2 Electrical valve positioner SIPART PS2 EExd Electrical valve positioner with the flameproof enclosure SIPART PS2 or SIPART PS2 with the stainless steel shell. The SIEMENS intelligent valve,introduced from Germany ,of which...

    LP-P+F Proximity Switch

    Overview The proximity sensor can detect the closer metal target without contacting it. According to the operating principle,there are mainly there categories: high-frequency oscillation type using electromagnetic induction , capacitor types respec...

    Air Filter Pressure Reducing Valve

    LPY-16 Air Filter Pressure Reducing Valve(FRL) LPY series of air filter pressure reducing valves control the required pressure value through filtering air and reducing pressure of the main pipeline. ※Steady outlet pressure can be ensured regardle...

    LP-LPZ13 Solenoid Valve Terminal

    Tube-connection type, SMT...

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