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    LPA16 Thin Ball Valve
    The valve body is shorter than that of general flange ball valves,which is suitable for the same pipeline with numbers of valves in the factory.The sphere of the ball valve can rotate 90 degrees,which passes the axis by a circular hole.When the sphere rotates 90 degrees,sphere surface presents in the inlet and oulet to shut off fluid.Whereas the hole presents for medium.Cavity of sphere provides for the medium with the flow channel of small resistance and full port.The pneumatic actuator can make the valve close tightly and immediately through rotating 90 degrees.Besides the direct connection of the actuator to the valve body reduces the probability of failure.The pipeline of flange connection can maintain good sealing performance and is convenient for maintenance and pipe sealing .

    ■Fire prevention and anti-static design.
    ■Valve rob explosion-proof device.
    ■Pressure balanced hole on sphere.
    ■Double stem stuffing and pressure plate-type shrapnel device.

    Air-driven parts Compressed air 5~7bar(handwheel as a choice)
    DN 15-150mm
    PN 1.6~4.0MPa
    Applicable Temp. PTFE,TFM:-29~+178℃
    Connection Type Flange,Wafer
    Valve Structure Integrated
     Body Material 316L、316、304、304L、WCB
     Spool Material 316L、316、304、304L
     Sealing Material PTFE、TFM、EK
    Medium Gas,Water,oil.
    Optional Limit Switch,Positioner,Solenoid valve,Reducing valve


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