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      Thanks for your use or future use of Lapar series of products and your attention to Lapar.
      LAPAR, headquarted in Milan,Italy,is one of international brands in the field of fluid control. Since the founding of company,LAPAR has received broad recognition from global customers with complete network system,outstanding product quality and integrated customer solutions.
      In 2005,LAPAR entered into Chinese market and authorized Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Lapar)to work as an agent of LAPAR products. Later,assembly and testing parts of LAPAR product production line were introduced to LAPAR. Currently,Shanghai Lapar has obtained production authorization from LAPAR and successively introduced systematic LAPAR product production line and become an Asian headquarters of global network system of LAPAR,responsible for LAPAR’s affairs in the Asian-Pacific region.
     Currently,LAPAR has formed a product pattern in the Asian-regions involving over 20 series of products,such as butterfly valves,ball valves,control valves,stop valves,gate valves and check valves.LAPAR strictly carries out quality standard systems,such as ISO,API,ANSI,DIN and GB. Products are widely used in environmental protection, machinery,power,petroleum,air seperation,chemical,food and medicine and sales network covers 32 provinces and cities of China and each country in Southeast Asia.
      Adhereing to LAPAR’s corporate concept of “Top Quality ,Considerate Sevice ,Credit First,Pursuit of Excellence”,Shanghai LAPRA follows LAPAR’s solutions and provides overall services before,during and after sales,including design,model selection,manufacturing,service,installation,maintenance and instruction.
       At present,Shanghai LAPAR retains elites of the former Chinese team of LAPAR and actively conducts cooperation with universities to train new technological talents and continuously optimizes product structure ,improves technological content and keeps improving relying on technological innovation.
       There is no best but better!Your demand is our eternal pursuit.

    Research and Development Center in China Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd
    Manufacturing Center in China (LAPAR Control Valve (Jiangsu) CO.,Ltd (WFOE)
    Tel:021-64423400  54823610  64966087  64961744  Fax: 021-64961482
    Shanghai ICP Licensing No. 08010624