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    Pre-sales Technical Support:
    Content:model selection and technical specification;technology exchangement;conducting bidding,evaluation and award of bid.
    1,We will provide technical specification,drawings,introduction of valves’ characteristics and usage notice about each switch valve.
    2,We will provide technical specification,simulation curve,   drawings,introduction of valves’ characteristics and usage notice about each control valve.
    3,We will exchange as much as possible technical experience with customers for the best usage.
    4,We provide more technology and service than products.
    5,We are engaged in building a better interaction system for customers.

    Product Protection:
    1,We can provide quality and property assurance.And we are responsible for quality,returns,production replacement,inspection and free maintenance in the guarantee period.
    2,We provide wooden-box or carton package and protect products form being damaged in transportation.
    3,The flange cover is adopted in the ball valve and control valve to prevent from dust and foreign matter.
    4,All the valves and accessories can remain normal in six months under the condition of taking no protection measures.And our company will provide a series of services for valves.
    5,We will be responsible for the damage caused by the poor package.

    Installation and Commissioning Service:
    Content:providing installation technology and inspection,commissioning ,operation and free maintenance;
    1,Due to completed commissioning before leaving the factory,on-site valves can just be used when connected. Valve commissioning should not be conducted by users without Lapar’s guidelines as advised.
    2,We will provide on-site installation guidelines and commissioning service for the users who first use valves or use batches of valves for the first time.
    3,We will make the preventive maintenance plan for users who order batches of valves.
    4,We can also provide all the technical support and service related to  valves.

    User Training:
    1,We provide on-site technical support service involving installation,commissioning,and operation.
    2,We will arrange for our engineering technicians to help users complete professional operation through training.
    3,Our engineering technicians conduct a training about professional knowledge,which includes routine usage of valves and maintenance.

    After-sales Service:
    We will try our best to satisfy our users. When there is something wrong with our valves, we will take 3 steps to maintain  benefits of users. And if the problem is not resolved, you can just call our complaint center at 021-64423400.Our company will give you a satisfying answer absolutely.
    1, On-site error: users can communicate with our technicians to solve the problem and users can deliver the damaged product to our company for maintenance if the problem is not solved.
    2,Besides,if the damaged product can not be delivered to our company, we will replace it with a normal one. We will pay the freight for the quality problem and freight should be paid by the users for other aspects of problems.
    3,On-site error: our maintenance staff promise to arrive at the site within 24-72 hours(depending on the distance)

    Research and Development Center in China Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd
    Manufacturing Center in China (LAPAR Control Valve (Jiangsu) CO.,Ltd (WFOE)
    Tel:021-64423400  54823610  64966087  64961744  Fax: 021-64961482
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