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     R&D Management:
      1, All the drawings of Lapar originate from Italy. And we improve our design according to Chinese market feature,approved by headquarters.
      2,Our research development mainly include original research,design improvement according to Chinese market and special customer-oriented research,the qualities of which are ensured by headquarters.
      3,PRO/E、SolidWorks、ANSYS are widely used to analyse and design valves.
      4,We have developed a series of technologies patented.
      Process Management and Control :
      1, We strictly control  “5M1E”( man,machine,method, material, measurement, environment).Processing management is carried out effectively to ensure metallography testing, non-destructive testing, apperance inspection,etc.Besides high-quality products are also ensured through the method called statistic process control.
      2,We use PDC A cycle to conduct full process management;
      We pay more attention to innovation for improving technology of products in the development phase;
      We conduct strict processing management in the processing phase.
      We provide full technology support to ensure the effctive application in the sales phase.
      We provide comprehensive service called 5S to make customers satisfied in the after-sales service phase.
      Inspection and Test :
      1,IQC( appearance,quality report,mechanical property)
      2,Production process inspection( every component has dozens of details to be inspected)
      3,Other inspections:
      Switch valves:
      Physicalchemical property and mechanical property of main components.
      Shell strength test, low pressure seal test, high pressure seal test,etc.
      Appreance quality,size deviation,inner cavity cleanliness.
      Anti - static, fire test
      Opening and closing torque, opening and closing time, rated stroke, etc.
      Control valves:
      Physicalchemical property and mechanical property of main components.
      Leakage test,seal test of stuffing box,compressive strength test.
      Basic error, hysteresis, dead zone,etc.
      Full Traceability System:
      Lapar has established a full traceability system.
      IQC - Metrial managment system.
      Design and Research - Design management system.
      Inspection - Quality assurance system
      Stock - Stock management system
      Quotation contract - ERP
      There is an internal circulation system to aggregate all the systems above. And we can find corresponding phase and detail through the item number of your product.
      Third-party Inspection:
      The whole series of products in Lapar have been inspected by Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. Our products can be fully ensured and users must be satisfied with Lapar.

    Research and Development Center in China Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd
    Manufacturing Center in China (LAPAR Control Valve (Jiangsu) CO.,Ltd (WFOE)
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