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    Taixing party and government organs leader and entrepreneurs

    On July 9, 2019, Zhang Yulin, thesecretaryofTaixingmunicipalPartycommittee,Liu Zhiming, the mayor of Taixing city , led more than 100 leaders of Taixing party and government organs and entrepreneurs to visit Lapar Control Valve (Jiangsu) Co...

    New Plant

    To enhance the research and development competence and expand productive capability ,Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd has started to establish a new plant in Taixing of Jiangsu province. The new plant in the construction phase covers an...

    Visual Presentation of Production

    In order to make our colleagues from the sales department and the producing department collaborate well with each other , present the visual production process and improve our work efficiency, we have a large-size television installed in o...

    LAPAR Holiday Notice of Dragon Boat Festival

    We, Shanghai LAPAR Control Valve Co., Ltd., have 3 days free on Dragon Boat Festival from May 28, 2017 to May 30,2017 in accordance with the national holidays, resuming work on the next Wednesday, May 31, 2017....

    Never too Late to Learn

    Training documentary of LAPAR Grain and Oil Division in Shanghai Headquarters Partial employees of LAPAR Grain and Oil Division come from all over China .They attended training in Shanghai Headquarters ,from March 14 to March 15 in 2017. Besi ...

    Women’s Day in Lapar 2017

    Women should be beautiful and happy.That is to say , you need to care for yourself and try to make happy at any time. March 8 ,2017 comes Women's Day and you need to be more unrestrined. I wish you more beautiful than Xishi, more intelligent than D...

    2017 New Year Party

    The staff of LAPAR participated in New Year Party on January 13, 2017. The party program includes speeches, comedy, comic dialogue, song and dance, games, lottery and other activities. All of us acted actively in programs with much joy....

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