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    New Plant
    To enhance the research and development competence and expand productive capability ,Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd has started to establish a new plant in Taixing of Jiangsu province. The new plant in the construction phase covers an area of more than 30 mu and has the building area of 13800 square meters,which is scheduled to come into service at the end of 2018.
    The new plant will introduce the R&D Center and Experimental Center of Italy Lapar and establish the industry-university-research institution of domestic well-known universities. With the current product lines of butterfly valves ,ball valves and control valves enlarged and moved to the new factory , there will also be new product lines of Precision Casting and high-pressure ball valves. Meanwhile, the present productive capability will be risen as high as 2-3 times.
    It is expected that the new plant will be at full capacity production around 2020. At that time, our supplying goods speed will be doubled for all our customers.
    Thoughtful and timely service for you is our eternal pursuit!

    Research and Development Center in China Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd
    Manufacturing Center in China (LAPAR Control Valve (Jiangsu) CO.,Ltd (WFOE)
    Tel:021-64423400  54823610  64966087  64961744  Fax: 021-64961482
    Shanghai ICP Licensing No. 08010624