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    Taixing party and government organs leader and entrepreneurs
    On July 9, 2019, Zhang Yulin, the secretary of Taixing municipal Party committee, Liu Zhiming, the mayor of Taixing city , led more than 100 leaders of Taixing party and government organs and entrepreneurs to visit Lapar Control Valve (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd .
    Peng Wen, the GM of LAPAR China, reported on factory construction, quality systems, cultures, products usage and application cases. The factory officially started operation in July 2019, with the production lines of ball valve, butterfly valve, control valve and high-pressure valve. LAPAR china factory’s quality management system all follow with Italy LAPAR S.R.L., with precision management, source-tracing. As an Italy wholly foreign-owned enterprise, its vision, mission, spirit and philosophy are completely same as Italy LAPAR S.R.L. LAPAR products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, food, environmental protection and other industries, products sold around the world.
    Mr. Zhang listened carefully to the product introduction and inspected the product quality. Finally, he was very satisfied with the management system of the factory and asked the visitors to learn from the management system of foreign countries. He hoped that LAPAR could become the model project of local manufacturing and make the enterprise more professional and stronger. Other leaders also put forward many valuable suggestions on the management of the company.
    The Lapar GM said that they would live up to secretary’s high expectations, continue to synchronize and homogeneous management, and increase the investment in LAPAR (Jiangsu) , and strive for three years to a higher level, The higher you stand , the farther you can go.
    On a new factory, new starting point, LAPAR will remain true to the original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind,   Let the staff have rewards for each effort, let the customer's every trust is worth trusting!

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